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I suffered from chronic daily migraines for some 35 years before I met Dr. Ross Johnson and was introduced to his revolutionary approach to healing such excruciating pain by resolving the Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD) issues so frequently associated with them.  Thanks to his program I am now almost completely headache free and rarely take headache medicine of any kind.

Over the decades, at great personal expense, I had tried virtually all physician- recommended treatments to include high doses of opiates; Botox shots; chiropractic treatment; cortisone shots; steroid shots; severe dietary restrictions; biofeedback therapy; pain management sessions; thyroid management; CPAP therapy; and myriad supplemental, essential oil, and herbal regimens.  I even had Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) surgery, which gave blessed – if sadly only temporary – relief.

My migraines and the accompanying nausea left me practically debilitated, greatly affecting my relationships, quality of life, and ability to work.  My world revolved around trying to get up off the couch and be present to my family and community.  So went life with chronic pain until I learned of Dr. Johnson’s treatment approach, which was, interestingly enough, based on the TMJ.  I listened carefully because treating that joint had given me some relief once before, and I was facing what I’d thought was my last option – major, invasive jaw surgery.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to be free of migraines that I traveled frequently to St Paul, MN, for treatment with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Spahl, creator of the approach.  The results were worth the trips, but to have this life-changing treatment now available in Rapid City is amazing.  In addition to being a highly skilled and deeply compassionate orthodontist, Dr. Johnson has a unique, proven specialty in treating migraines and other jaw issues.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

M. I.
Rapid City, SD
Saying that my chronic pain and headaches was ruining my life would be an understatement. I believe my symptoms proceeded a whiplash fall I experienced in 2013, and my health just progressively went downhill. I was experiencing migraines, head and neck tension, ear ringing, lack of energy, and poor sleep. It got so bad I felt like my head was in a vice grip, and the brain fog and spaciness I experiences made it difficult to function daily. I tried so many treatment methods both traditional and alternative in efforts to find relief and restore my functioning. After years and years of finding only temporary relief, I started to focus on my jaw and considering that the source of my problems. I decided to work with Dr. Terrance J. Spahl and Dr. Ross Johnson in the fall of 2020. My symptoms were so bad that it was a battle to get through every day with migraines and debilitating headaches. I worked with them for over a year and the results I experienced are nothing short of a miracle. The cutting edge-splint technology used to correct my bite and jaw, has restored my health in a way nothing else has ever provided. I have almost no migraines anymore and my head and neck tension has basically disappeared. I never thought I would feel like my “normal self” again, and this treatment gave me hope to something a didn’t think was possible! I am forever grateful to both Dr. Spahl and Dr. Johnson and I hope my story helps others realize that there is an answer if you are suffering with TMJ.



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