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Functional Orthodontics

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Functional Orthopedic Appliances have been around for a while and have been consistently evolving. As their name implies, they are an appliance that is meant to be used in a function, i.e., while the patient is talking, chewing, and swallowing. Now, there are many different types of functional appliances, but there are some that are more commonly known:

  • Bionator
  • Twin Block
  • Frankel
  • Herbst
  • Orthopedic Corrector

Are Functional Appliances Better Than Braces?

Patients often ask if functional orthopedic appliances are better than braces. The answer is yes and no. Functional appliances are better bone and muscle movers but not the greatest tooth movers. Braces are far better at moving teeth but not that great at moving and shaping bone. So, like most things in life, when an item is used for that which it was designed, it works well. If used for something other than what it was intended for, that device won’t work as well.

Why Would I Wear a Functional Appliance?

In most cases, functional appliances are used in children that are growing. These appliances allow the orthodontist to address the muscle and bone portion of every malocclusion that would be difficult to correct with just braces and elastics.

Contact Us for Functional Orthopedic Appliances

Our orthodontist has been working with functional orthopedic appliances for years. We have the expertise to help you decide if functional appliances are right for your child! Get in touch with our orthodontist today or request an appointment here.


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