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We Do More Than Straighten Teeth

We provide a resource for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders and create stable pain-free bites.

Orthodontics of the Black Hills

Our orthodontic practice provides patients with patient-specific orthodontics/orthopedics that promote well-being and great smiles. Furthermore, Dr. Johnson focuses on TMJ treatment and relief for those suffering from chronic headaches and migraines.

Our mission is to provide personalized care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We will take the time to listen and understand your unique treatment needs. Your health and well-being are our top priority. We understand that it can be stressful embarking on treatment as complicated and expensive as orthodontics -- be it traditional braces to straighten teeth or complex treatment to address a TMJ issue. Rest assured that all decisions will be made in a collaborative and informative environment.

Family in front of Orthodotnics of the Black Hills offerting TMJ, dental braces, and more.

Dr. Ross Johnson
Our Orthodontist

Dr. Johnson has lived all over the country, but his roots are here in the Midwest. Dr. Johnson attended dental school and orthodontic residency at the University of Colorado, where he graduated in the top 3 of his class. Shortly after graduating from dental school, he was commissioned as a Captain with the USAF at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

As an active-duty serviceman, Dr. Johnson treated and provided care in all facets of general dentistry, including conscious sedation and TMJ problems.

I most enjoy relieving the pain that my patients have. I enjoy assisting Mother Nature in putting things right so that those patients can go on with life and live it fully.

Meet Dr. Johnson


Personalized and Patient-Centered Care

Patient Reviews
Our Reviews

I started TMJ treatment because I was having pain and difficulty chewing; it intensified because I was going through a stressful issue. What I learned through the journey of treatment was that TMJ can also cause migraines. I'd suffered from migraines for years and required prescription medication to help treat onsets. Dr. Johnson is a professional who helps his patients understand not just "what" is happening but also the "why." As part of treatment, my most severe TMJ symptoms resolved, and the migraines are noticeably less severe and decreasing in frequency. It's expected that these improvements will continue as the trauma to the joint heals. Thank you, Dr. Johnson - R.L.
I remember experiencing migraine headaches as early as five years old. As I got older, my migraines became more severe and impacted my life more than ever. At one point, I experienced an episode for two weeks. None of the medications I was prescribed helped, and the side effects of those medications were unbearable. I couldn't find any regimen to help, and I didn't want to take a bunch of medications, so I accepted migraines as a part of my life. I met Dr. Johnson one night at a dinner party, and in the conversation, my migraine headaches came up. He explained to me that he thought I had TMJ and that he could cure my migraine headaches. I didn't have the "typical" TMJ symptoms that you often hear of – jaw pain, clicking and popping when I ate, or trouble chewing. Despite this, I was desperate for help, and I could tell that Dr. Johnson honestly knew he could help me. Dr. Johnson has treated my TMJ issues and has alleviated my headaches. I no longer need to take prescription medications to prevent or abort a migraine. Dr. Johnson gave me my life back. His treatment has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. - J.S.

Patient Reviews


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