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Clear Aligners

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Invisalign® is the “invisible dental braces” treatment that has gained massive popularity due to its great results with minimal noticeability and less invasiveness. Barely seen, they can be perfect for anyone at nearly any age. Since the advent of Invisalign, numerous clear aligners have been introduced into the market, and here at the Orthodontics Of The Black Hills, we offer clear orthodontic aligners for the patients of Rapid City and Western South Dakota.

The treatment process of clear aligners includes wearing a removable clear aligner that slowly straightens your teeth with every set. They are free from the typical restrictions that come with metal braces but come with more responsibility because it's up to you to wear them!

Clear Orthodontic Aligners: How They Work

Clear aligners are near invisible aligners made from a particular type of plastic (polyurethane) that is highly flexible and ideal for moving teeth. Our orthodontist can build a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that works with the movement of your teeth using clear aligners.

Clear aligners work by applying a small force to a patient's teeth in just the right areas when worn. Once the teeth have moved to the desired position, another set of clear aligners is worn to move the teeth just a little more. This process is repeated until the teeth have moved into the desired position.

Choosing Near Invisible Dental Braces

The biggest advantage near invisible aligners is their low visibility and removability. With clear aligners, you can build a beautiful smile and discreetly and easily maintain your oral hygiene by simply removing the appliance to brush and floss.

It's important to note that clear orthodontic aligners are not designed to fix every orthodontic issue. However, after an initial consultation with our orthodontist, you will understand your options and if clear aligners will achieve the results you are looking for.

Clear aligner treatment will frequently require attachments being placed on the teeth. These attachments are tooth-colored but are little bumps on the teeth, nonetheless. To receive a clear aligner consultation in Rapid City, SD, or the neighboring areas, contact us today.


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