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Traditional Orthodontics

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Do you have crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw? Then you have come to the right place!

Orthodontics Of The Black Hills is here to help kids, teens, and adults correct their tooth alignment concerns and bite concerns by using various techniques, including custom dental braces. Orthodontic braces are dental devices that help the orthodontist align your teeth over a period of months or years to help you achieve a more straight, confident smile.

Some patients often believe that only kids or teenagers can receive dental braces. You can move teeth with dental braces regardless of age! Moreover, advances in technology allow adults to wear orthodontic braces without significant noticeability. So, visit Orthodontics Of The Black Hills for a new set of ceramic braces, metal braces, invisible dental braces, or clear aligners whether you are a child or an adult.

Types of Dental Braces Available

While traditional orthodontic braces are most common, adults may opt for various types of braces for convenience. Here are the types of dental braces we offer at Orthodontics Of The Black Hills:

  • Metal Braces
    Metal Braces worn by a youthMetal braces are the traditional braces that have been around for over a century. As the most common type of dental braces, metal braces work and are practical. Metal braces are fixed dental braces and can only be installed or removed with the help of an orthodontist.
  • Ceramic Braces
    Ceramic Braces worn by an adultCeramic braces are an alternative dental aligner if you do not want your dental braces to stand out. They are tooth-colored and discreet. Ceramic braces work just like metal braces in straightening the teeth.
  • Self-Ligating Braces
    Self-ligatingl Braces worn by youthSelf-ligating braces have clips or doors to hold the wires of your orthodontic braces. They do not use elastic ties like metal or ceramic braces. Although some may claim less discomfort with self-ligating brackets, the difference will not be that significant overall. However, adjustment times are generally reduced, and these appliances are easier to clean.
  • Clear Dental Aligners
    Clear Aligners worn my an adultInvisalign® is the biggest brand of clear dental aligners - sometimes referred to as invisible dental braces by the public. However, many new brands have hit the market that produces comparable results. Clear aligners have been a popular choice since the early 2000s. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, clear aligners are easy to remove and less noticeable while aligning your teeth. Clear aligners are not designed to fix all problems and are not suitable for all orthodontic situations. To determine if you qualify for clear aligners, speak to our orthodontist at Orthodontics Of The Black Hills.

What Is the Best Age to Get Dental Braces?

In general, we suggest that a child be seen at about age 7 for an orthodontic consult to get ahead of any issues if they are present. Some things are just easier to address when kids are younger. If the orofacial complex is developing normally, then we can wait and monitor the growth of your child and intervene if or when necessary.

Of course, dental braces and other techniques can be utilized in older children and adults, but there are just more options available when bones are malleable, and biology is on our side in young and growing children!

Ready to Straighten Your Teeth? Contact Us Today!

Get in touch with Orthodontics Of The Black Hills to determine the right style of dental braces for your teeth. An expert's advice will help you have a "straight" path to "straight" teeth. Dr. Ross Johnson is a veteran doctor with expertise in different types of dental braces. Call us today at 605.663.4865 or email us at to schedule an appointment.


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