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Orthodontic Braces for Teens

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Being a teenager is difficult enough without misaligned or crooked teeth as an added challenge. Moreover, the American Association of Orthodontists encourages parents to consult an orthodontist when their child is 7 years old. This is the ideal age to help prevent further dental issues if any are present, and help provide a confident, bright smile for the long haul.

Traditional Dental Braces & Invisible Aligners for Teenagers

There have been significant developments in the field of orthodontics. As a result, patients today understand the challenges presented by misaligned teeth and know how orthodontics can improve their confidence and way of life.

With the advancement in technology, teenagers have options to receive orthodontic care without disrupting their confidence. Our orthodontist has worked with many teenagers and answered many questions about the different techniques and treatments that would work best for this age group. Protect your precious teen from more serious dental issues in the future while ensuring they feel confident and satisfied with their chosen treatment option.

It is best to address dental misalignment and other issues early in adolescence since it can prevent more serious issues from developing. Reasons why orthodontics should be considered for your teenager:

Traditionally, teenagers may have become discouraged by the noticeable orthodontic treatment options provided in the past. However, with more subtle treatment options like near invisible dental braces and the acceptance of good dental health, more teenagers anticipate the boost of self-confidence with orthodontic treatment. With modern orthodontic treatments, we can provide you with multiple options that fit your child's lifestyle without damaging their confidence.

Smile Confidently With Dental Braces or Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Dr. Ross Johnson, with Orthodontics Of The Black Hills, is a friendly and empathetic family orthodontist in western South Dakota. He is proud of establishing a personalized orthodontic service that allows young people to regain self-confidence with better dental health. With their comfort and well-being being the top priority, our orthodontist ensures the perfect choice in orthodontic treatment that best fits your teen's needs.

Whether you are looking for traditional dental braces for or a more transparent option like clear orthodontic aligners, our amazing orthodontist can help your teenager. We offer an experienced orthodontist who has worked with patients from all walks of life and understands how to address different concerns. Dr. Johnson's long-term experience providing TMJ treatments has allowed him to provide special services to teenagers dealing with TMJ symptoms.

To book a consultation with Orthodontics Of The Black Hills, located in Rapid City, SD, contact us or email us. We provide orthodontic services to patients living in the Black Hills, Western South Dakota, and beyond.


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